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Feature Film / Hostage Drama / 2019

438 Days

The film is a study about having to question one’s ideals when faced with a much more complicated reality.

Jesper Ganslandt, Director

On the eve of June 28th 2011, Swedish journalists Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson put everything at stake by illegally crossing the border from Somalia into Ethiopia. They want to report on how the ruthless hunt for oil affected the population of the isolated and conflict-rid- den Ogaden region. Five days later, they lay wounded in the desert sand, shot and captured by the Ethiopian army.


Director Jesper Ganslandt

Writer Peter Birro

Main cast Gustav Skarsgård & Matias Varela

Producers Sandra Harms & Karl Fredrik Ulfung

Executive Producers Jonas Allen & Peter Bose

Format Feature Film

Genre Hostage Drama

Original Title 438 DAGAR

Original Language Swedish

Produced by Miso Film Sweden

International Sales SF Studios