Peter Bose

CEO & Producer
+45 2022 9904

Peter is CEO & Producer at Miso FIlm. He is specialized in film financing and business management and has worked in the film industry since 1996. In 1998, Peter became Vice President at Per Holst Film. In 2000, Peter co-founded the production company FilmPeople. From 2003-2005, he was Executive Producer at Yellow Bird Films.

In 2004, Peter co-founded Miso Film with Jonas Allen.


Jonas Allen

CEO & Producer
+45 3070 2266

Jonas is CEO & Producer at Miso Film. He is specialized in development of feature films and TV series and takes care of the creative side of production in Miso Film. Jonas has previously worked as a producer at Yellow Bird Films, FilmPeople, Per Holst Film/Nordisk Film and as creative producer in Wibroe, Duckert & Partners.

In 2004, Jonas co-founded Miso Film with Peter Bose.


Christian Rank

Head of Development & Producer
+45 2620 4442

Christian is Head of Development & Producer at Miso Film. He focuses on the strategic development of projects across Miso Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Christian graduated from the Danish Film School in 2005 and started his career at Miso. Later, he moved to TV 2 fiction and played a key role in building its drama profile as an executive producer. From 2010-2014, he worked as a producer on DR drama and was Head of DR Drama from 2018-2022.

Christian joined Miso Film in August 2022.


Mikael Olsen

Development Producer
+45 2060 5053

Mikael is Development Producer at Miso Film. His primary focus is on the development of Miso Film's TV series and feature films. As a scriptwriter-graduate from the Danish Film School, he has worked as a screenwriter, commissioning editor, creative consultant and producer in different positions at the Danish Film Institute, DR-TV and Zentropa.

Mikael joined Miso Film in 2012.


Jenny Mattesen

+45 2991 7145

Jenny is Producer at Miso Denmark. She graduated from The Danish Film School in 2021 with two Robert nominated graduation films. Jenny has worked as a producer since 2017 at Made By Us. Alongside her study Jenny produced two miniseries for TV 2 Play. Jenny holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Roskilde University (2013) and afterwards started working at WE LOVE PEOPLE.

Jenny joined Miso Film in February 2022.


Sofie Vendelbo Bergstein

+45 3047 0370

Sofie is a Producer at Miso Denmark. In 2014, she graduated from The New York Film Academy, where she studied Practical Filmmaking. She is also a former student from The European Film College and graduated as producer from The National Film School of Denmark in 2023.

Sofie joined Miso Film in August 2016.


Celina Ankær Sparre

Head of Legal Affairs
+45 2860 1363

Celina is Head of Legal Affairs at Miso Film. She holds a Master's Degree in Law from University of Copenhagen (2014). Previously, Celina worked for three years as a legal counsel at the Danish Producers´ Association, delivering legal services to Danish film and TV producers and game developers, mainly in the fields of Contract and Copyright Law.

Celina joined Miso Film in January 2018.

Camilla Martekilde

Legal Counsel
+45 9152 9691

Camilla is Legal Counsel at Miso Film. She holds a master’s degree in law from Aarhus University (2017). Following graduation, Camilla worked as an assistant attorney and later attorney-at-law at Accura Law Firm. Just prior to joining Miso, Camilla worked as an attorney-at-law at the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

Camilla joined Miso Film in January 2023.

Mette Sundberg

Head of Accounting
+45 20224025

Mette is Head of Accounting at Miso Film. She has 10 years of experience from the accounting firm Deloitte and has since 2003 been the owner of Timesaver, a consultancy company with responsibilities for their clients bookkeeping, accounting and financial management. She holds a HD in Financial & Management Accounting and a MSC in Business Economics and Audity. Mette is also a State Authorised Public Accountant.

Mette joined Miso Film in 2004.


Birgitte Thiele Carlsen

+45 6054 8715

Birgitte works with Head of Accounting, Mette Sundberg, in handling salaries and bookkeeping. She has more than 14 years of experience as Accounting Manager at Worldwide Flight Services, a Cargo handling Company in Copenhagen Airport, where she worked from 2006-2020.

Birgitte joined Miso Film in September 2020.


Finance Director

Stuart is Finance Director at Miso Film. He has worked at Miso’s parent company Fremantle for over 15 years in a variety of finance roles, including a year working in Los Angeles for Fremantle North America in scripted finance. Stuart is also regional Finance Director for Fremantle Nordics & Poland. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy & Finance and is a Chartered Management Accountant, ACMA/CGMA.

Stuart joined Miso Film in April 2022.

Simon Harder

Avid Supervisor
+45 4030 0002

Simon is Avid Supervisor at Miso Film. He has previously worked as a Music Producer for The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), as a censor at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory and a guest lecturer at The Royal Danish Academy of Music. He is also a professional musician.

Simon joined Miso Film in 2010.


Caroline Korning

Junior Producer
+45 4141 7088

Caroline is Junior Producer at Miso Denmark. She graduated from University of Copenhagen in 2020 with a master’s degree in Film and Media studies. Her studies also include film and photography courses from University of California, San Diego. The last few years Caroline has been working on multiple art projects, short films and TV-series.

Caroline joined Miso Film in March 2022.


Emil Lind

+45 2843 3612

Emil is IT-Manager at Miso Film. Emil has a bachelors degree in Digital Design and Interactive Technologies from the IT-University of Copenhagen. He also works as IT Director & Partner of CareSupport Aps.

Emil joined Miso Film in March 2018.

Rachel Bodros Wolgers

Producer & Managing Director
+46 707 265 908

Rachel is Managing Director and Producer at Miso Sweden. She holds a bachelor’s degree in cinema studies. Rachel has more than 10 years of experience in the film industry and has previously worked as a sales agent. Since joining Miso she has produced the TV series Cell 8 as well as the features I will be home for Christmas and R.S.V.P.

Rachel joined Miso Film in October 2018.



Associate Producer
+46 737205520

Viktoria is associate producer at Miso Sweden. She has studied art history and political science at Uppsala University. Since 2019 she’s been working for several different production companies in Sweden on both feature films and TV series.

Viktoria joined Miso Film in January 2022.

Amanda Toreborg

Office Assistant
+46 761730380

Amanda is Office Assistant at Miso Sweden. She previously studied Media- and Communication and Cinema Studies at Stockholm University. Three years ago she started working in the Swedish film and TV- industry which resulted in employment at Miso.

Amanda joined Miso Film in August 2022.

Are Heidenstrøm

Producer & Managing Director at Miso Norway
+47 951 63 191

Are is Managing Director and Producer at Miso Norway. He holds a Business Economic Master from the Norwegian School of Management. Are worked as a producer for four years at Medieparken, and a producer and partner at Fantefilm for ten years. During his time in Fantefilm, he produced some of the most famous Norwegian productions.

Are joined Miso Film in November 2018.


Kristin Ulseth

+47 9778 5545

Kristin is Producer at Miso Norway. Kristin has directed and produced her own short films, production managed drama TV-series at NRK, worked as a project advisor at the Nordic Film & TV Fund and as an expert for the MEDIA programme. She has worked with the development of feature films and TV-series as a producer, script editor and write. She spent a number of years working at Maipo Film.

Kristin joined Miso Film in September 2019.


Hedda Hansson Rudi

Junior Producer
+47 416 89 125

Hedda is Junior Producer at Miso Norway. She is a former student from University of the Arts London, where she graduated from in July 2018 with a BA in Film and TV production. The following autumn she moved back to Norway to work with film in Oslo.

Hedda joined Miso Film in December 2018.