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Series / Crime / 2019

Darkness – Those Who Kill

Some serial killers lead double lives. On the surface, they seem completely normal. They are able to live a double life where no one suspects them of the violent murders that they commit alone and in control. When a murderer is caught, what does it do to their loved ones. Those who were closest to them – who shared their lives with them – yet saw nothing? Why where they not capable of seeing beneath the surface?

Ina Bruhn, creator

In DARKNESS – THOSE WHO KILL, investigator, Jan, and profiler, Louise, constantly move around in the thrilling periphery of a murderer’s view as they link a series of killings. They combine classic investigation techniques with psychological leads in order to find the small hidden details that can make them understand why the murderer is killing. And ultimately track down the murderer and hopefully rescue the next victim to come…

They embark on a journey into the darkest and most extreme part of the human mind and face the consequences that arise, when the murderer’s mind and actions become more and more desperate. The intricate and elaborated crime story revolves around strong main characters, personal sub-plots, and a strong visual design.

THOSE WHO KILL – DARKNESS is an intense eight-part serialized show that both speak to your mind and touches your heart.


Writer Ina Bruhn

Director Carsten Myllerup

Main cast Natalie Madueño, Kenneth M. Christensen, Uffe Rørbek Madsen, Signe Egholm Olsen, Mads Riisom, Peter Mygind, Regitze Estrup, Tessa Hoder, Maibritt Saerens

Producers Zire Schucany, Peter Bose & Jonas Allen

Format Series (three seasons)

Genre Crime

Original Title Den som dræber – Fanget af mørket

Original Language Danish

Produced by Miso Film Denmark

International Sales Fremantle Media International