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Series / Crime Drama / 2014

Dicte S2

We have been inspired by a great desire to not slavishly follow the new trend of Scandinavian noir, but to make a more colorful, exuberant, temperamental, humorous, and sexy series that is not always politically correct.

Dorte Høeg & Ida Maria Rydén, Creators

Dicte lives in Aarhus, and her job as a crime reporter constantly brings her close to the violent crimes happening in the city. This season, Dicte is entangled in criminal cases on both a personal and professional level together with crime investigator John Wagner.

Together, they are thrown into the prostitution industry, SM milieu and football world of Aarhus in connection with investigations of murder, hooliganism, match fixing, child abuse and the sale of blood diamonds. For this reason, Dicte and Wagner’s relationship becomes stronger and more personal.

Dicte’s private life is suddenly turned upside down, when her father approaches her for the first time, since she left her parents and Jehovah’s Witnesses 20 years ago.

Her daughter Rose is graduating high school and is ready to make her own choices and free herself from Dicte. At the same time, Dicte’s ex-husband Torsten and her best friend, Anne, have started a relationship. 

Dicte’s own love life is under pressure from her boyfriend and colleague, Bo, who is ready to move in and start a family.

Dicte struggles to understand the mystery of her father and has to put in every effort in order to keep together friends and family, while trying to make a difference as a crime reporter.


Writers Dorte W. Høgh & Ida Maria Rydén

Directors Kasper Barfoed, Jesper W. Nielsen & Christian E. Christiansen

Main cast Iben Hjejle, Lars Brygmann, Lærke Winther, Lars Ranthe, Dar Salim, Emilie Claudius Kruse, Ditte Ylva Olsen, Peter Schrøder

Producers Christian Potalivo, Jonas Allen & Peter Bose

Format Series (three seasons)

Genre Crime Drama

Original Title Dicte II

Original Language Danish

Produced by Miso Film Denmark

International Sales Fremantle Media International