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Feature Film / Family Adventure / 2018

Iqbal & The Jewel Of India

IQBAL & THE JEWEL OF INDIA is the third installation in the IQBAL-trilogy. Iqbal wakes up one morning to the news of Aunt Fatwa being announced the Guardian of the Jewel – an Indian honorary title.

Eager to get out of school, Iqbal convinces his father to bring the whole family to India to celebrate and take part in the ceremony with Aunt Fatwa.

But when Iqbal goes on a field trip to church with his class and accidently sets a chain reaction in motion, resulting in the church being destroyed, Iqbal is expelled from his school, which is thoroughly fed up with Iqbal’s shenanigans. 

Iqbal’s Dad decides that Iqbal isn’t allowed to come to India and instead has to find a new school and prove that he can take responsibility. Determined to prove himself, Iqbal reaches out to Aunt Fatwa behind his father’s back and convinces her to enroll him in an Indian school.

Reunited with his family in India, Iqbal has to start in his new school. Aunt Fatwa provides Iqbal with a mentor, a smart and beautiful girl his age named Abhaya. But Iqbals dream of a nice family vacation turns into a nightmare when the Indian Jewel is stolen during the ceremony and is found on Dad.

Dad is put in jail and Iqbal and his friends has to come up with their most complicated plan yet. A wild race begins in the streets of New Delhi, in order to find the Indian Jewel and save Dad.


Director Oliver Zahle

Writer Mikael Olsen

Main cast Hircano Soares, Liv Leman Brandorf, Arien Takiar, Runi Lewerissa, Moowgliie Duissara, Ellie Jokar, Dar Salim

Producers Christian Potalivo & Mikael Olsen

Executive Producers Jonas Allen & Peter Bose

Format Feature Film

Genre Family Adventure

Original Title Iqbal & Den indiske juvel

Original Language Danish

Produced by Miso Film Denmark

International Sales SF Studios