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Feature Film / Comedy / 2011

Jensen & Jensen

Copenhagen 2019, the financial crisis has taken a turn for the worst. Bikers have taken over Police duties and the government is run by the Bank of Denmark. Unemployment, inflation and crime have gone sky high creating the birth of the Bounty Hunter. 

Under such dire straits are Bjarne and Jimmy, brothers with their own life-threatening financial debt. They are forced to hunt Europe’s most dangerous criminal, Milo, who has devious plans to control world currency destroying Denmark in its process.

However, Bjarne and Jimmy are neither smart, strong nor courageous; they are amateur bounty hunters up against psycho-cops, torture thirsty CIA agents, weapon wielding Vatican cardinals and a horny goat.

In the midst of their hunt, they discover an event from their past that is more horrifying than anything they ever encountered.


Director Craig Frank

Writer Oliver Zahle & Jens Korse

Main cast Mick Øgendahl, Nicolas Bro, Bodil Jørgensen, Jesper ‘Jokeren’ Dahl

Producers  Jonas Allen & Peter Bose

Format Feature Film

Genre Comedy

Original Title Jensen & Jensen

Original Language Danish

Produced by Miso Film Denmark

International Sales TrustNordisk