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Series / Crime / 2024


Louise Bergstein is assigned to the case of a brutal execution of a young gang member in Copenhagen, which sets off a spectacular murder mystery that extends throughout the Öresund region and delves into the questions: “When have criminals served their sentences?” and “Can a person’s pursuit of justice go too far?”


Writer Lasse Kyed Rasmussen

Directors Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen & Olof Spaak

Main cast Natalie Madueño, Simon Sears, Besir Zeciri, Dag Malmberg, Rasmus Hammerich, Cyron Melville, Maria Cordsen, Julia Ragnarsson

Producers Caroline Schlüter, Peter Bose & Jonas Allen

Executive Producer Dorte Fuglsang

Format Series (four seasons)

Genre Crime

Original Title Den som dræber – Fanget af mørket

Original Language Danish

Produced by Miso Film Denmark

International Sales Fremantle Media International