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Series / Comedy / 2022


Anette, Nadia, Ellen, and Martina are 40-something lifelong friends living and (mostly) thriving in Stockholm. 

When Anette conducts a government research study, dubbed “Sex is a Highway to Health,” investigating whether good sex – or lack thereof – is impacting the health of Swedish women over 40, the friends suddenly find themselves questioning the ways life has gotten in the way of their own passions and desires. 

A comedy about friendship and curiosity, Lust follows four women who are ready to explore life beyond the expectations of career, marriage, and motherhood.


Creator & Writer Frans Milisic Wiklund

Co-creators Åsa Kalmér, Julia Dufvenius, Sofia Helin & Anja Lundqvist

Director Ella Lemhagen

Main cast  Sofia Helin, Anja Lundqvist, Julia Dufvenius, Elin Klinga, Danilo Bejarano, Johan Widerberg, Björn Bengtsson, Jonas Malmsjö, Magnus Roosmann, Roshi Hoss

Producers Sandra Harms & Karl Fredrik Ulfung

Executive Producers Jonas Allen & Peter Bose

Format Series (one season)

Genre Comedy

Original Title Lust

Original Language Swedish

Produced by Miso Film Sweden

International Sales Fremantle Media International