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Short / Science Fiction / 2010


Set in the near future, in a world where capitalism has run its course, Daniel, a young Peaceforce officer meets Jesper, a prominent local citizen. Jesper claims that an elephant is running amok in the city, killing people.

Speared on by his idealism and wanting to do good, Daniel decides to follow Jesper deep into heart of a desolate city. Daniel believes he can make a difference, help the wounded and deal with the elephant.

Not long into his mission Daniel discovers that he’s in way over his head and when he meets a little girl – the sole survivor of the group that cared for the elephant, Daniel finds that he’s been miss led by Jesper.

Jesper and his hungry entourage keeps breathing down Daniel’s neck, and fearing for his life, Daniel feels forced to make conflicting promises to Jesper and the girl.

Soon Daniel finds himself confronted by the magnificent beast – a live elephant.

Daniel still desperately looking for a way out – He has no desire to kill this beautiful animal. But as the mob grows ever more impatient and hungrier for blood, Daniel finally relents and shoots the beast, thereby betraying not only his own word but all that he believes in.


Director Peter Gornstein

Writer David Sandreuter

Main cast Cyron Melville, Henning Jensen, Søren Poppel, Andre Babikain, Anders Hove

Producers Jonas Allen, Peter Bose & Beatrice von Schwerin

Format Short

Genre Science Fiction

Original Title Peaceforce

Original Language Danish

Produced by Miso Film Denmark

International Sales Fremantle International Media