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Feature Film / Romantic Comedy / 2022


Based on the Danish feature film Lang Historie Kort written by Maren Louise Käehne and May el-Toukhy and produced by Miso Film.

R.S.VP. is an ensemble film, told through nine different gatherings. We meet the chosen family, that have been friends since their teens, mixed with relatives, neighbors, partners and col- leagues. Klara, a 37-year-old nurse, is at the center of the story. When everyone starts having children and families of their own, she panics, being the only one left without a partner.

We follow the friends hanging out, partying, getting into conflicts and dealing with romantic relationships. They are all looking for happiness and love – but does the perfect relationship exist, or is it a myth?


Director Moa Gammel

Writer Ella Lemhagen (script writer), Maren Louise Käehne (original script), May el-Toukhy (original script)

Main cast Lisa Carlehed, Oscar Töringe, Christian Hillborg, Liv Mjönes, Madeleine Martin, Johannes Bah Kuhnke, Line Verndal, Anna Granath, Kristofer Kamiyasu, Felice Jankell Siham Shurafa

Producer Rachel Bodros Wolgers

Executive Producers Max Hallén, Jonas Allen, Peter Bose, Caroline Blanco, Christian Potalivo, Lotta Dolk, Sara Askelöf, Camilla Rydbacken, Filippa Wallestam, Anders Jensen

Format Feature Film

Genre Romantic Comedy

Original Title Tack för senast

Original Language Swedish

Produced by Miso Film Sweden

International Sales Fremantle Media International