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Series / Thriller / 2019


Two detectives, Max and Sander, are called to the mysterious death of four young immigrant boys. There are no signs of violence or drugs, but there are eels at the crime scene – strange. That night both detectives have vivid nightmares. Meanwhile, a storm hits the city. Streets and buildings are flooded.

Max and Sander discover that a fifth boy was present at the scene of the crime; he might be the key to solving the case. However, the boy turns out to be very elusive and hard to track down.

Max and Sander set out to find him, which propels them into a tough journey through the underworld of prostitution, cynical human traffickers, and murder. But it also opens a door into their own past sins and guilts.

As they get deeper into the matter, the detectives both start seeing things they can’t quite explain, dreams turn into full-blown hallucinations – and the feeling of time and place slowly disappears.

Max and Sander must face their own worst nightmares and eventually battle with their own misdeeds to solve the mystery. If they don’t, they risk losing their minds.


Writer Meghan Gallagher

Directors Rune Denstad Langlo & Eirik Svensson

Main cast Anders Baasmo, Anders Danielsen Lie, Selome Emntu, Marius Kolbenstvedt, Nina Ellen Ødegård

Producers Mikael Olsen & Brede Hovland

Executive Producers Jonas Allen & Peter Bose

Format Series (one season)

Genre Thriller

Original Title Besatt

Original Language Norwegian

Produced by Miso Film Norway

International Sales Fremantle Media International