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Series / Crime Drama / 2020


This is not true crime. This is true investigation. This is not about death. It is about the will to survive. This is not about the perpetrator. This is about the people who found each other in the darkness and fought their way back to the light. This is The Investigation.

Tobias Lindholm, Writer and Director

We follow Head of Homicide Jens Møller and his team over the course of six months, as they investigate what the press has dubbed THE SUBMARINE CASE. On paper, it looks like a very simple case of murder: A man and a woman set out to sea in a submarine. The man sinks the submarine and returns to shore alone. When the submarine is recovered, the police find traces of blood from the young woman in the submarine, despite it having been flushed through with water.

However, the investigation quickly proves not to be quite so simple. There is no body, no murder motive and no murder weapon. And every time Jens Møller and his team make progress, the accused changes his explanation of what happened on board the submarine, so that again and again doubt is cast on the theories of the police and the validity of their proof is questioned.

THE INVESTIGATION hones in on Jens Møller’s methodical investigative work. On the Swedish cadaver dogs that are trained to find bodies submerged under water. On the sea currents at Øresund, the strait between Denmark and Sweden. On the victim’s family, her boyfriend, and the life she led before it was so brutally cut short.

THE INVESTIGATION shows us what happened behind the scenes in the most discussed and publicized murder case in Danish history, and why exactly this case became one of Jens Møller’s last as Head of Homicide.


Writer Tobias Lindholm

Director Tobias Lindholm

Main cast Søren Malling, Pilou Asbæk, Pernilla August, Rolf Lassgård, Laura Christensen, Dulfi Al-Jabouri, Hans Henrik Clemmesen, Henrik Birch, Charlotte Munck, Anders Juul

Producers Jonas Allen, Peter Bose, Caroline Blanco, René Ezra

Format Series (one season)

Genre Crime Drama

Original Title Efterforskningen

Original Language Danish

Produced by Miso Film Denmark

International Sales Fremantle Media International