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Feature Film / Family / 2006


In this high-paced family film, we follow 11-year-old Alise, whose world is turned upside down when a wild horse crashes into the neighborhood’s basketball court. Her friends expect her to catch it, as they think Alise knows all there is to know about horses. But there’s a catch: Alise has lied about everything – she’s terrified of horses.

There was a time when Alise’s grandfather was an adept horseman, who knew all there was to know about horses, but that was a long time ago. Besides, what business is it of his when the owner decides to kill the horse?

In the end, Alice must overcome her deepest fears to save the doomed horse. You only need a little faith to make a giant leap.


Director Gunnar Vikene

Writer Monica Boracco Borring

Main cast Ann-Kristin Sømme, Sven Wollter, Anneke Von Der Lippe, Adele Karoline Dahl, Reidar Sørensen

Producers Tanya Badendyck & Silje Hopland Eik

Co-producers Jonas Allen, Peter Bose & Moa Westeson

Format Feature Film

Genre Family

Original Title Trigger

Original Language Norwegian

Produced by Miso Film Norway

International Sales SF Norge