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Series / Drama Thriller / 2020

Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt is a story about those who defend their values and bear the cost.

Siv Rajendram & Anna Bache-Wiig, Creators

Inspired by true events, this intelligent, multi-layered drama delves into consequences of whistle blowing – both for the whistleblower and those around her. WITCH HUNT is a character-driven political thriller. It illustrates the high price of choosing to do the right thing.

Ida Waage is a dynamic woman, working as the CFO at a prestigious law firm. One day, she spots a suspicious invoice and soon traces it back to a money laundering operation linked to the firm’s biggest client, Peer Eggen.

She alerts her executive board, but to her shock, they turn on her, and look to discredit her with the threat of false accusations. With her job and credibility at threat, Ida continues to seek justice and alerts the police.

Investigator Eirik Bråten discovers that the invoice is a cover-up for a greater scandal that involves various transactions between Eggen and the husband of Norway’s Minister of Justice.

When journalist Aida Salim takes this bombshell news public, Ida’s firm retaliates further, with vicious stories designed to ruin her career. After the Minister dies suddenly in a crash, Eirik and Aida join forces to hunt for evidence, assuming Eggen to be behind the accident, while Ida ultimately realizes that her determination to fight back and do the right thing is putting herself, and everyone she loves, in grave danger.


Writers Siv Rajendram & Anna Bache-Wiig

Directors Eva Sørhaug & Stian Kristiansen

Main cast Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Mads Ousdal, Christian Skolmen, Ola G. Furuseth, Preben Hodneland, Sara Khorami, Fritjov Såheim, Gard Eidsvold, Nader Khademi

Producer Are Heidenstrøm

Executive Producers Jonas Allen & Peter Bose

Format Series (one season)

Genre Drama Thriller

Original Title Heksejakt

Original Language Norwegian

Produced by Miso Film Norway

International Sales Fremantle Media International